Companion Rescue Course

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  • Dec 23, 2024 (day trip)
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    8 spots available. $155.00

    Course Location: Mount Washington

  • Dec 30, 2024 (day trip)
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    Course Location: Mount Washington

  • Jan 6, 2025 (day trip)
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    Course Location: Mount Washington

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    8 spots available. $155.00

    Course Location: Mount Washington

Companions being fast and effective in avalanche rescue will make all the difference to a buried person's chance of survival in an avalanche. As a backcountry traveller just imagine being involved in a rescue and having to live afterwards with the thought of wishing you had practiced more. Join us for a focused day of scenario based practice under the tutelage of an avalanche rescue expert to take your rescue skills to the next level. Enacting scenarios one after another with detailed debriefs will help you to hone in on the stuff that really makes a difference in an effective rescue. Do this course for your touring partners and yourself!


  • Review steps of companion rescue
  • Review use of rescue equipment
  • Repeated scenarios and debriefs to hone skills


  • 1 day of instruction and coaching from certified instructor

Not Included

  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Personal equipment 
  • Avi Kit (transceiver, shovel, probe – available as an add-on)

Questions? Check out our FAQ page for details about our booking and cancellation policy, and other commonly asked questions.


Courses typically take place near Mount Washington Alpine Resort meeting at the Paradise Meadows Trailhead near Raven Lodge. 

Precise meetings time and location will be given in a pre-trip email sent about a week before your course.


A typical day starts at 09:00 and ends around 17:00. The order of curriculum delivery will entirely depend on factors such as weather, students and the instructor assigned to your course. That said, here is a typical breakdown: 

08:30  - Meet at the Paradise Meadows Trailhead near the Raven (Nordic) Lodge at  Mount Washington Alpine Resort. Here you will sign waivers, and your instructor will hand out any rental add-ons purchased when you booked.  After introductions, you will travel a short distance to the training area, where you will set up for the day.

16:00 - Finish the day with a debrief and gear rental return.

Exact meeting details will be provided in a pre-trip email sent one-week prior to your course.

Questions? Check out our
FAQ page for details, or send us an email.


Avalanche Skills Training 1 or 2 (AST1 or AST2) or equivalent training or experience are recommended but not required. Having participants with a variety of experience levels  actually makes for very good practice as it mimics the dynamics of a real group in a real rescue situation.

Pre-course study 

To help you prepare and get the most out of your course, we recommend some pre-course study. Review companion rescue basics here: and download, print and bring along a Companion Rescue Checklist. Laminate this card or put it in a ziploc bag so that it stays dry.

Questions? Check out our FAQ page, or send us an email. We are always happy to help you find a suitable course or customize something to suit your needs whenever possible.

Gear List 

The equipment list provided aims to prepare you to be comfortable in the field regardless of the weather. Please ensure that all your gear is functioning and in proper repair. If you have any questions, please send us an email: [email protected]

Avalanche Safety Gear

These items are available as an add on “avalanche kit” when you book, or by request for $30/day.

  • Avalanche Transceiver (must be a modern, digital three-antenna)
  • Shovel: Collapsible aluminum shovel
  • Probe: Normal length probe somewhere from 220cm to 320cm


  • Snowshoes, touring skis or split board+ ski poles with big baskets
  • Warm boots to hike (Sorrels or hiking boots with gaiters), ski or snowboard boots
  • Day pack (30 - 40L, or whatever will fit your gear)


  • Waterproof/breathable jacket and pants
  • Lightweight, breathable jacket and pants (for uphill skinning/climbing)
  • Insulated jacket (synthetic insulated jacket is strongly recommended)
  • Lightweight gloves for climbing/skinning 
  • Warm gloves
  • Warm hat
  • Balaclava or another type of neck warmer
  • Baselayers (top and bottom)


  • Water
  • Lunch and snacks (prepared ahead of time and consumable on the go) 
  • Sunglasses
  • Goggles
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun hat
  • Ski strap
  • Personal first aid (e.g. blister kit, medication)
  • Camera
  • Notebook and pencil (Rite in the Rain recommended)


Avalanche Kit: We offer rental transceivers, shovels and probes as an add-on kit when you book or by request pre-trip. If you do not have your own modern, digital, three antenna transceiver, collapsible shovel, and/or probe - please request a rental kit prior to your course/trip.

Snowshoes, touring skis or split board: 'Ski Tak Hut' in Courtenay ( offers rentals of all of these modes of travel. Clients on IAG courses and trips are eligible to receive a unique 25% discount code towards their gear rentals from Ski Tak Hut - for the duration of their course/trip with us. Discount codes are distributed directly by IAG to our clients upon request. Rentals from Ski Tak Hut can be ordered online using the unique discount code. Note you will be asked to show the booking confirmation you received from us when you pick up your gear.

Winter 4x4 Vehicle(s): 'Far Out Wilderness' ( is a 4x4 vehicle rental service in Victoria that offers clients access to a fleet of rugged, reliable, and fully-equipped vehicles designed to conquer the most challenging winter terrain. Their vehicles come with snow tires with the 3 peak mountain symbol, chains, and ski racks. They also provide emergency equipment, including SOS, SPOT messenger systems, GPS, tire pump, toe rope, tire pressure gauge, a map to BC's backcountry roads, and a first aid kit. Everything you need to get safely to the ski slopes! Upon request, IAG clients can receive a 5% discount code towards their rentals from 'Far Out Wilderness'.

Questions? Check out our FAQ page for information about gear fitting, rentals, add ons, and other commonly asked questions, or send us an email.


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