Jan Neuspiel first dropped his bags on Vancouver Island in 1989. At the time, he was guiding in Nepal, but he quickly fell in love with the unique beauty of the island mountains. The wild spaces and untapped terrain have always drawn a special cross-section of adventurers, creating a distinct mountain culture and a strong sense of community. 
Our sister business, Island Alpine Guides, was born in 2006 out of Jan’s desire to share his love of these truly wild spaces with others. Since then, we have grown to become Vancouver Island’s premier mountain school and guide service. Over the years our selection of trips and courses has expanded beyond alpine pursuits, encompassing not only alpine adventures, but also coastline hikes and everything in between. 
Hike Vancouver Island was launched in 2022 to meet the growing demand for hiking and backcountry education on Vancouver Island, which has come to need a home of its own. We offer the same great team of guiding professionals you’ve come to know and love, but with a more focussed website for ease of navigation (we’re all about making navigating easier – both online and in the backcountry). 
Since inception, Jan’s vision has always been rooted in the idea of taking a local, community-based approach to deliver outstanding experiences at the highest international standard. Although our business has now grown to reach clientele well beyond our island haven, we remain a small operation at heart; one that is devoted to staying in contact with the distinct community and unique spaces we operate in. Despite 35 years working as a guide, Jan is still driven by his passion to share his experience, knowledge and appreciation for the mountains with others – a passion which is reflected by the playful professionals who make up our team. 
Our mission is to foster individual potential, strengthen a sense of community, and develop an appreciation for wild spaces through shared mountain experiences and education, and we cannot wait to facilitate your next adventure.