Augerpoint Traverse

As low as:

$860.00 / person

(at 4:1 ratio)


The Augerpoint Traverse is a quintessential alpine traverse in the Island Alps. The unique route offers stunning scenery and a fun challenge, but forgoes the technical terrain often found on other traverses on the island. Over the course of four days, experience the full splendor of Strathcona Park’s wilderness, with options to pursue a couple peaks along the way. 

Note: This hike can also be done in a shorter timeframe by fit parties. If you would like to do this trip in a shorter time frame, please reach out to discuss price and whether this is a suitable option for you and your group. 

Included in the price:

  • 4 days of guided hiking
  • Group technical gear

Not included in the price:

  • Transportation to and from meeting point
  • Clothing
  • Personal equipment - camping gear (tents, sleeping mats, and backpacks) can be provided for an additional fee
  • Food

Questions? Check out our FAQ page for details, or send us an email. 


The Augerpoint Traverse begins at Paradise Meadows and ends at Buttle Lake. As this is a traverse, a shuttle is required. Options for shuttle may vary depending on whether COVID is a concern at the time of your trip. Details for your trip will be provided in the booking tab with the corresponding date. 


While pace may vary depending on the group, the suggested itinerary below will provide a general idea of what to expect: 

  • Day 1 - Our typical start time for our first day is 8:30am. Leaving from the trailhead at Paradise Meadows, our first day follows a popular hiking trail toward Mount Albert Edward. Depending on group fitness and desire we will either stop to camp at Circlet Lake or continue toward Mount Albert Edward if group energy allows. 
  • Day 2 - After breakfast, we’ll make for Mount Albert Edward; the highest peak on this side of the park. We’ll summit and then continue down the South ridge towards the headwaters of the Oyster River. Camp will either be near the col between Albert Edward and Augerpoint mountain or onward to Ruth Masters Lake (an amazing spot, and worth the extra push).
  • Day 3  - We’ll break camp and make our way to Augerpoint mountain. If the energy levels are high we can drop our packs and detour to the summit. After, we’ll continue on to make a camp in a pleasant meadow at Jack’s Fell.
  • Day 4 - After a relaxed breakfast, we’ll begin our long descent to Buttle Lake to complete the hike. 

Exact meeting and logistical details will be provided in a pre-trip email sent one-week prior to your trip. 

Questions? Check out our FAQ page for details, or send us an email. 


To ensure the safety and enjoyment of participants, we ask that participants who join this trip meet the following requirements: 

  • Good physical  fitness (ability to hike for 6  hours, covering up to 500m of vertical gain while carrying a load of 15-20kg)
  • Ability to move at a moderate pace over rough terrain (including sections of snow, bush and steep)
  • Have a basic understanding of your gear, and any limitations 
  • Are prepared to spend four days outside in variable conditions (please see gear list)


Regular hikes going up-hill with a load on will get you in shape for this trip. Hiking uphill with a load of 15-20 kgs in a pack is a great way to help prepare for this trip.

Questions? Check out our FAQ page, or send us an email. If you do not feel you meet these requirements, feel free to reach out – we are happy to set up private trips whenever possible.

Gear List

Temperatures on this trip could range from -5°C at night to around 25°C (+) during the day. Ensure all clothing and equipment are in good repair, and fitted properly to you. The list below should work for these conditions.
  • Long underwear (top and bottom), poly-pro, wool or silk
  • Mid-weight jacket, wool, fleece, synthetic or down
  • Rain gear (jacket and pants)
  • Toque, wool or fleece
  • T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt (white or other light colour), synthetic
  • Lightweight hiking pants, nylon or similar
  • Gloves

  • Hiking boots (suitable for carrying a 30 lb. load over rough terrain)
  • 2 x pairs of socks, wool or synthetic blend
  • 2 x pairs of liner socks, poly-pro or silk (optional)
  • Gaiters that fit your boots (optional)
  • Lightweight camp shoes (optional)

  • Sleeping bag (warm to -5°C)
  • Therm-a-rest or other sleeping pad (available for rent)
  • 3-season tent (available for rent)

  • Small cooking pot (available for rent)
  • Fuel canister (available for rent)
  • Stove (available for rent)
  • Lighter
  • 3 breakfasts, 4 lunches (ready to eat), 3 dinners, various snacks.  For tasty, nutritous and locally pre-made dinners check out
  • Eating vessel and utensils

  • Sun hat
  • Sunglasses with 100% UV block
  • Sunscreen, SPF lip balm
  • Toothbrush and a small container of toothpaste
  • 2 x 1 litre water bottles (or a 2L bladder)
  • Water purification system
  • Pocket knife
  • Head-lamp with spare batteries
  • Small first aid kit (optional)
  • Hiking poles (optional but recommended)
  • Camera (optional)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • 50L+ backpack with waist belt

Group gear

Your guide will bring any group gear, including communication and emergency equipment. You are only required to bring the items on this list.


The following items are available for rent as an “Add On” when you book (or upon request). These are available on a first come, first serve basis:
  • Camp Kit (includes tent and sleeping mat) - $30.00
  • Cook Kit (includes pot, stove and fuel) - $35.00

If you require other from the personal gear list, you can check out Sports Rent based out of Victoria. 

Questions? Send us an email or read our blog for advice on choosing appropriate gear.


We had a fantastic time. Ken was the best, not only a great guide but a nice person and very knowledgeable. We enjoyed getting to know him. It was a great trip and the best way to celebrate our 30th anniversary. The scenery took our breath away and will forever leave a special mark on our hearts. We appreciate the care you took in organizing everything from beginning to end. It was perfect! We are sad it is over and we have to return to the real world. Tom & Pat, California
Thank you again for a great trip and adventure. We are all looking forward to another next year! Jacquie Bourdon, Comox, BC